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2Pac’s Step Father Mutulu Shakur Released From Federal Prison on Medical Parole The stepfather of the late rapper 2Pac, Mutulu Shakur, was released from a federal prison on medical parole. He was serving a 60-year sentence for a 1981 robbery that involved an armored vehicle. Several people were killed in the heist. However, the incarcerated […]

Rapper Gunna Released From Jail After Facing RICO Charges     A judge released Gunna, an Atlanta rapper, from custody Wednesday after he pleaded guilty to a RICO charge. The plea deal is in the interest of both the prosecution and the defense, as the rapper was convicted on a racketeering conspiracy charge, and his […]

Nas and 21 Savage Release One Mic One Gun, Produced By Hit Boy Earlier this month, 21 Savage sparked some controversy for his comments on Nas’ relevancy in the hip hop world. His comments were taken out of context, and some fans responded negatively. However, Nas has taken the opportunity to clear up the misunderstanding […]

Ohio Artist Creates First Ever Nipsey Hussle Wax Figure Earlier this year, an Ohio artist named Mr. Officials announced that he had created a life-size wax figure of late rapper Nipsey Hussle. The figure, which is reportedly the world’s first Nipsey Hussle wax figure, features a unique look that captures the rapper perfectly. The figure […]

Angela Yee Confirms Her Last Week At The Breakfast Club During the August 10 episode of “The Breakfast Club”, Angela Yee announced her exit from the show. She revealed that she would be leaving the show to launch her own daily radio program on iHeartRadio. It’s unclear if the departure is permanent.   View this […]

Well Known Hip Hop Manager Hovain Hylton Passes Away   Despite having been in the business for some time, Johnnathan Hylton, who was known as Hovain, passed away at his home on November 25, 2022. His family announced the news on social media “with extreme grief”, claiming he had passed away. Hylton was known for […]

Rick Ross and Meek Mill Reunite On Stage In Contrast Of Beef Rumors Despite rumors to the contrary, Rick Ross and Meek Mill actually reunited for the first time in more than a decade. Their reunion was in the form of a special concert marking the 10th anniversary of Meek Mill’s debut studio album, Dreams […]

Fame Singer Irene Cara Passes Away At Age 63                 Known as one of the top singers of the 1980s, Irene Cara passed away at age 63. She died at her home in Florida. Her publicist announced the news of her passing on Twitter. Cara began her career […]

Arrest Made In Connection To Shanquella Robinson Case                   Earlier this month, the death of Shanquella Robinson, an American woman vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, generated social media outrage. Her death was initially ruled as an accident, but an autopsy suggested that she had been the […]

Saweetie’s New EP “The Single Life” Comes In With Low Sales Projections Earlier this week, West Coast rapper Saweetie released her new EP, The Single Life. This project is meant to celebrate independence. It also explores the emotions of newly single people. The EP features six tracks. The only featured artist on the project is […]