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Arrest Made In Connection To Shanquella Robinson Case

Written by on November 26, 2022

Arrest Made In Connection To Shanquella Robinson Case

Arrest Made In Connection To Shanquella Robinson Case










Earlier this month, the death of Shanquella Robinson, an American woman vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, generated social media outrage. Her death was initially ruled as an accident, but an autopsy suggested that she had been the victim of violent crime. After her death was announced, the case sparked a nationwide call for justice. The US State Department and the FBI are also investigating.

After Shanquella Robinson died, a video was released that showed her being beaten by a friend. The video was then seen by social media users and ignited a national outcry. One of the friends, Wenter Essence Donovan, called 911, requesting an ambulance. The video is now being investigated by the FBI.

       Shanquella Robinson pictured with friends in Mexico.

Authorities have not identified the person who allegedly killed Robinson, but a Mexican prosecutor told ABC News that he has opened a criminal investigation into the death and that an arrest warrant has been issued for her friend. The prosecutor said that the arrest warrant was issued because she was found to have been involved in an attack that caused her death. The prosecutor also said that the attack was not accidental, but intentional.

According to the police report, a doctor was with Robinson for almost three hours before she died. The doctor allegedly told her friends that she was drunk and needed to be taken to a hospital. However, the friends refused to take her to the hospital. They insisted that she stay in their villa. They told her parents that she had died, but that was not the case.

According to the original autopsy report, Robinson died from a severe spinal cord injury. The doctor also said that Robinson was dehydrated and in poor condition. She was unable to verbally communicate with her friends and had a poor pulse. Ultimately, the doctor tried to give her an IV, but the IV was not successful. She died around 5:57 p.m.

The Mexican prosecutor said that the death was not accidental and that it was caused by “brutal violence.” She also noted that the doctor had been with Robinson for almost three hours. The Mexican prosecutor has not yet identified the person who killed Robinson, but prosecutors are working on extradition proceedings.

The video of the attack was later seen by the FBI. Investigators were reportedly sent to the villa in San Jose del Cabo to investigate the incident. The FBI is looking into any cover-ups or omissions of vital information.

The FBI has been involved in the investigation and has released video footage of the fight, according to the Charlotte Observer. The video, which was released by WSOC-TV in Robinson’s hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, has generated widespread social media discussion. People have identified people from the video. There are also reports that the FBI has intervened in the case on behalf of Robinson’s parents. A funeral will be held this Saturday in Charlotte. The family is raising money for legal fees.


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