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Police Stop Potential Mass Shooting At Yo Gotti Concert

Written by on July 17, 2022

Police Stop Potential Mass Shooting At Yo Gotti Concert


If you’re a fan of the rapper Yo Gotti, you probably have no doubt wondered if police did everything in their power to stop a potential mass shooting at his Memphis concert. Early Saturday morning, a man attempted to kill concertgoers, but police were able to stop him from completing his plan. Hopefully, this will be the last incident like this. But what can you do to prevent this from happening again?

The Memphis Police Department confirmed that it has stopped a possible mass shooting at Yo Gotti’s eighth Birthday Bash concert. A man had called in a possible armed mental consumer threat near FedEx Forum, the venue where Yo Gotti’s “Birthday Bash” concert was taking place. Officers arrested the suspect, Elijah Hyman, after stopping him from shooting his girlfriend. He had several firearms hidden in his apartment, and police took them away.

After preventing a mass shooting, Yo Gotti thanked his fans and artists for making his Birthday Bash 8 a success and thanked the Memphis Police Department for protecting his concertgoers. The rapper also took to Twitter to thank his fans and artists for ensuring the concert went off without a hitch. Hopefully, this will lead to more positive responses from Yo Gotti and his fans in the future.

Despite the threat of a mass shooting at the concert, the police have taken steps to prevent a further incident. The police and the public responded quickly to the threat, and MPD officers are now working to calm the situation. The threat to Yo Gotti’s concert has nothing to do with the recent separation of his ex-girlfriend. It is a simple misunderstanding, but the MPD is taking action to ensure that fans do not suffer.

The suspect in this case, Elijah Hyman, was upset with his girlfriend and reportedly wanted to kill as many people as possible at the Yo Gotti concert. When police arrived, Hyman was bleeding profusely from his right hand. Upon arrival, they discovered several weapons in his apartment and contacted the ATF. A full investigation will continue. The man  be is being held on terrorism charges.


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