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Meek Mill Posts Bail For 20 Women So They Can Be Home For Christmas

Written by on December 25, 2022

Meek Mill Posts Bail For 20 Women So They Can Be Home For Christmas

Rapper Meek Mill has made a Christmas gesture to help 20 Philadelphia women who are incarcerated. He paid their bail so they can spend the holidays with their families.

In addition to paying their bail, Mill gave each woman a gift card. They can use it to buy holiday gifts. The Dreams and Nightmares rapper has been vocal about his desire for a more just criminal justice system.

As a Philadelphia native, Mill is concerned with the plight of the city’s prison population. There are approximately 4,546 people incarcerated in Philadelphia. And as a father of two children, he understands how hard it can be for parents to leave their children behind.

Mill has also been vocal about the impact of the criminal justice system on families. He has helped to organize a sports event for families impacted by the criminal justice system. Some of the children were taken to the 76ers game and enjoyed a VIP suite box ticket.

Meek has been working on reforming the US parole and probation systems. He is the co-founder of the REFORM Alliance, which aims to create real pathways to work and well-being. It has helped to pass 16 bipartisan bills in 10 states.

As part of his charitable efforts, Mill also held a junior combine experience for 50 kids impacted by the criminal justice system. Some children hung out with Mill, while others were treated to VIP suite box tickets.

Throughout the last few months, Mill has been outspoken about his desire for change. On the heels of his release from jail, he launched the REFORM Alliance and has continued to advocate for more just criminal justice systems.