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Mass Shooting At Louisville KY Bank Claims 4 Lives

Written by on April 10, 2023

Mass Shooting At Louisville KY Bank Claims 4 Lives

At least four people were killed and eight others injured after a shooting at the Old National Bank in Louisville, Kentucky on Monday. The suspect, who authorities say acted alone, was found dead on scene.

The mass shooting at the bank is America’s 146th mass shooting, as defined by the Gun Violence Archive, since the beginning of 2023, following a number of other recent mass shootings across the country. It follows an incident at a Baptist church in Nashville, Tennessee; the Virginia Tech shooting, which left thirty-two students and teachers dead and seventeen others wounded; and two mushroom farms in Half Moon Bay, California, where three people were murdered.

KY Governor Andy Beshear said he was “shocked and saddened by this news” and has asked residents to pray for the victims’ families. He tweeted that he was heading to the site of the shooting, which is near minor league baseball stadium Louisville Slugger Field.

WHAS11 reports that a man fired at people inside the bank on Monday morning, and was shot to death by police. The shooter is believed to have used an AR-15-style rifle, according to a law enforcement source.

A witness who was on the first floor of the bank said that he saw someone with a long rifle fire at people inside the building around 8.40 a.m. He described the suspect as “a bald guy with a long assault rifle.”

Another witness, Hagan Curd, was walking his dog on East Main Street when he began to see people running in the direction of him and heard several rounds being fired at the bank. He said the gunfire was very loud and he was concerned for his dog’s safety.

He also called the police and told them that there was an active shooter at the bank. When he arrived at the scene, he saw a lot of blood and shattered windows. He said he was not sure where the shooter had come from or what they were doing.

One of the victims was a local businesswoman who lives in the neighborhood. She was at work when she heard the shooting and called 911, but she was unable to get out of the building.

Tammy Madigan, who works for a commercial real estate company on the fifth floor of the building, was there with her co-workers when she heard the shooting. She and her co-workers locked all the doors. They also waited for someone to arrive from the police department.

She says she and her co-workers stayed in the bathroom for about 30 minutes before they decided to call 911. When they did, they heard the police car horn and saw a large number of officers arriving.

Officers responded to the scene within three minutes of being dispatched. Then they exchanged gunfire with the suspect, who is thought to have been a current or former employee of the bank, LMPD Deputy Chief Paul Humphrey said. The suspect was still firing when they encountered him, Humphrey added.

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