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Gun Charges Against BMF Series Actor Lil Meech Dropped

Written by on January 22, 2023

Gun Charges Against BMF Series Actor Lil Meech Dropped

Lil Meech, an actor and star on the Starz drama BMF, recently got hit with a felony charge for carrying a firearm at a Florida airport. He was charged with bringing a handgun into an ‘isolated’ area of the airport. The gun, a Glock 19 9mm, was found in his carry-on bag, and he was arrested. However, the case has since been dropped.

The actor and star of the hit Starz drama BMF was arrested at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport  Tu for carrying a gun. The alleged incident occurred after TSA agents discovered a 9mm pistol in his bag. Although he told police that the weapon belonged to him, authorities disregarded his claim. Instead, they took possession of the firearm.

After being arrested and detained by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, Lil Meech posted a bond of $2,500. According to Urban Hollywood 411, Meech had been in contact with producers of the show and was in the process of preparing for his big role. In fact, he had been attending acting classes and was in touch with the producers until the film’s premiere. This reportedly helped him avoid the charges.

According to reports, the bodyguard, who had been traveling with Meech, told the police that he was the owner of the gun. Despite the bodyguard’s confession, however, the TSA agents disregarded him. They instead assumed that the 9mm was the actor’s. Since both men had the same luggage, the confusion was compounded.

Upon further investigation, the security agents at the airport informed the Broward Co. Sheriff’s Office that they had found a handgun in the luggage of the actor. Upon further inspection, the authorities uncovered the gun, which was in an unloaded state. Fortunately, the actor was able to show a permit and purchase receipt, which proved that he was legally allowed to carry a firearm.

Ultimately, the Broward County State Attorney’s Office decided to drop the felony charge against Lil Meech. However, prosecutors refused to pursue potential misdemeanor charges against him. As a result, the case against Meech was deemed not worthy of further scrutiny.

The attorney for Meech, Bradford Cohen, also made his presence known. While defending Lil Meech, Cohen presented evidence to the prosecutors. That included a license to carry, a gun case, and a firearm purchase receipt. When he presented his evidence, he also pointed out that the film star and the bodyguard share a taste for luggage.

Although the gun case and the firearm itself may have been a better demonstration of the’mimento’ (the one that most likely won’t be used in a courtroom), the actual case against Meech was a flop. Unfortunately, the actor will have to live with this embarrassing episode of celebrity misfortune.


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