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21 Savage Wants Evidence Thrown Out Of Deportation Case

Written by on September 10, 2022

21 Savage Wants Evidence Thrown Out Of Deportation Case

21 Savage has been fighting his deportation case for nearly two years, and his attorneys are trying to find a way to get it dismissed. His case has been going on for so long that it has become difficult for him to function like a rapper. However, he has managed to squeeze in a few appearances at the Breakaway and Rolling Loud festivals. He wants the case to be dismissed, so that he can focus on his music.

It is unclear whether the evidence against 21 Savage will be thrown out, but there is evidence that he was arrested in Fulton County, Georgia, for felony drug charges. Those charges were expunged from his criminal record last year, and the rapper applied for a visa to remain in the U.S. without the proper documentation. The Department of Homeland Security estimates that it takes up to three years for an immigrant to receive a visa.

As far as the evidence against 21 Savage is concerned, his lawyers have filed a motion to have the evidence suppressed. They claim that prosecutors used illegal evidence and that it is unfair to use evidence against a person who has no criminal history. They also claim that 21 Savage did not have a gun in his car and threw it out after the police convinced him to do so.

The rapper has received widespread support from his peers. JAY-Z hired an attorney for the rapper, and has gotten the help of several others in the hip-hop community. In addition to 21 Savage, other notable celebrities have come out in support of him, including Kendrick Lamar, Jesse Williams, America Ferrera, SZA, and Yara Shahidi.

21 Savage’s case has made headlines throughout the immigration industry. ICE arrested him on Super Bowl Sunday and detained him in a secure facility for 23 hours. His nonimmigrant visa expired in 2006, when he was a minor. His legal team issued a statement regarding the situation and refuted ICE’s claims that he has had prior arrests. The rapper also claimed that he was “definitely targeted” by ICE.

While the case is not yet over, it’s important to note that the rapper’s lawyers have argued that he was a minor when he traveled to the U.S. from the United Kingdom. As a result, his immigration status was affected without his fault. The lawyers have argued that this situation is an unfair result of the law. While it’s impossible to say for sure what will happen in the future, fans are encouraged to keep up the fight and support the rapper.