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Young Thug Faces $6 Million Lawsuit In Addition To RICO Case

Written by on August 27, 2022

Young Thug Faces $6 Million Lawsuit In Addition To RICO Case

Young Thug Faces 6 Million Lawsuit In Addition To RICO Case

Hip-hop artist and Young Slime Life head Young Thug is in hot water, facing six additional criminal charges in addition to his ongoing RICO case. Recently, he was denied bond and is set to go to trial in 2023. The rapper’s legal team has yet to comment on the situation.

The RICO case against Young Thug is still in court and the rapper faces life in prison if he is convicted. But he’s also facing a lawsuit from a concert promoter for $6 million. The company claims the rapper breached his contract and violated their brand. Young Thug denies all allegations and will appear in court in October.

AEG is pursuing the rapper for $6 million in damages, claiming that he breached an agreement in 2017. AEG claims that Young Thug failed to live up to the terms of his contract by refusing to perform at the company’s concerts, which cost $5 million in advance. AEG is also seeking Young Thug’s rights to his name and the YSL logo.

In addition to his RICO case, a second case was filed against the rapper in Fulton County, Georgia. This second case stemmed from evidence seized during a search of the rapper’s home. While there’s no official word yet on whether Young Thug will be charged in the second case, court records suggest that it may have already been folded into the RICO case.

Despite his high net worth of $8 million, Young Thug is also facing a massive lawsuit. The rapper could be forced to forfeit $2 million of his net worth in jail. As a result, he could become bankrupt in jail. With so many lawsuits piling up, it’s no wonder the rapper is in hot water.

The rapper is accused of breaking a contract with AEG, in which AEG had exclusive rights to prepare his shows. AEG provided the rapper with a $5 million advance in exchange for the rights to prepare his shows. However, the rapper allegedly breached the contract by booking outside of AEG, which deprived the company of efficiency charges.

The rappers are currently being held in jail pending the trial. They are being held on several counts, including criminal street gang activity. The rappers are alleged to be affiliated with the Bloods gang. In addition to the RICO case, the rappers also face charges for gun possession and gang activities.

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