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Mike Tyson Upset At Hulu For Making Series Without Paying Him

Written by on August 6, 2022

Mike Tyson Upset At Hulu For Making Series Without Paying Him

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is upset that Hulu plans to release a docu-series based on his life without paying him. The boxer posted on Instagram that he is not happy about the decision, but it doesn’t seem that he is surprised. The former boxer has become an advocate for social justice issues since his retirement.

The actor Trevante Rhodes has been cast to play Mike Tyson in a new Hulu biopic. Steven Rogers is executive producing the eight-episode biopic. The show will be directed by Margot Robbie and written by I, Tonya creator Steven Rogers. Tyson has said that the project is cultural misappropriation, and that he will not be paid for it.

The actor also says that he did not get paid for the “Undisputed Truth” film he made for Hulu. The acclaimed boxing star’s story is a unique one.  Tyson has been frank about the abuse he suffered as a child. The rage and pain he carried for years was so great that he sat down with Pitts to reflect on who he was before his fame.

As the world’s most successful heavyweight boxer, Mike Tyson was famous for his intimidating boxing style and controversial behavior outside the ring. He was the youngest heavyweight champion and was crowned at just twenty-three. Tyson is considered the greatest heavyweight fighter of all time. He was also notorious for his wild lifestyles outside the ring. He was accused of serious abuse by his former wife, Robin Givens. She later filed a criminal case against Tyson was convicted of rape. He served less than three years in prison.