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Katt Williams on Suge Knight’s Podcast: 2Pac’s Legacy, Ludacris Diss, and Hip-Hop Insights

Written by on January 18, 2024

Katt Williams on Suge Knight’s Podcast: 2Pac’s Legacy, Ludacris Diss, and Hip-Hop Insights


The Unbreakable Bond: Williams and Knight

In a recent episode of “Collect Call with Suge Knight,” comedian Katt Williams joined the incarcerated music mogul for a profound conversation that delved deep into their shared history and the hip-hop culture. This podcast episode, part one of a likely series, offered listeners an intimate glimpse into the bond between Williams and Knight, a relationship forged through years of personal and professional interactions.

Reflecting on the tragic death of the legendary rapper 2Pac, Williams expressed his disbelief and the emotional impact it had on him, emphasizing how 2Pac’s legacy touched numerous lives. Williams’ remarks revealed a deep sense of connection to the late rapper, hinting at the profound influence 2Pac had on his life and career. He described his bond with Knight as “unbreakable,” highlighting their shared experiences, including time spent in jail, which only solidified their friendship.

This segment of their discussion not only sheds light on Williams’ personal journey in the entertainment industry but also underscores the intricate and often overlooked personal connections that shape the narratives within hip-hop culture. It’s a testament to the enduring impact of 2Pac’s legacy and the deep relationships he formed with figures like Williams and Knight.

Katt Williams’ Diss Track Response to Ludacris

In a striking move, Katt Williams used the platform of “Collect Call with Suge Knight” to unleash a diss track aimed squarely at rapper and actor Ludacris. This bold step into the world of hip-hop feuds marks a notable departure for Williams, primarily known for his comedic prowess rather than his rapping skills.

The track, a direct response to a freestyle released by Ludacris, features Williams in an uncharacteristically serious mode. He raps, “I’m coming for your number one spot/One of us a killer and the other one is not/ One of us the realest and the other one a fraud.” These lines, laden with accusatory overtones, showcase Williams’ willingness to confront and challenge Ludacris in a domain typically outside his comfort zone.

Further intensifying the lyrical battle, Williams continues, “In real life, I’m Fast and Furious/In real life, you bi-curious.” This not only references Ludacris’ role in the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise but also takes a jab at his personal life, illustrating the depth of their rivalry. The track stems from a previous interview where Williams insinuated Ludacris’ involvement with the Illuminati, sparking this heated exchange between the two.

This moment in the podcast offers a raw and candid glimpse into the competitive nature of hip-hop, where even a comedian like Katt Williams can step into the arena of rap battles, blurring the lines between humor and serious lyrical warfare. It’s a testament to the genre’s broad appeal and the diverse range of personalities it encompasses.

The Posthumous 2Pac Album: A New Venture

A highlight of Katt Williams’ appearance on “Collect Call with Suge Knight” was his revelation about working on a posthumous 2Pac album. This ambitious project, set to feature a blend of unreleased 2Pac verses and contemporary artists, is stirring excitement and curiosity in the hip-hop community.

Williams disclosed that the album would feature eight guest artists, carefully selected to represent “only the best of the best.” Among these collaborators is the notable inclusion of Cardi B, whose involvement was enthusiastically confirmed by Williams. Suge Knight himself praised Cardi B, drawing a parallel between her and 2Pac, suggesting that her style would harmonize well with the late rapper’s legacy.

This endeavor is not just another addition to the numerous posthumous releases of 2Pac’s work; it’s a testament to Williams’ deep respect and ongoing influence of 2Pac in today’s hip-hop scene. The project aims to bridge the gap between past and present, infusing 2Pac’s enduring legacy with the fresh perspectives of modern artists. It’s a symbolic fusion that celebrates the timelessness of 2Pac’s artistry while embracing the evolution of the genre.

As Williams and Knight discussed the album, it was clear that this project holds significant emotional value, especially for those who knew and worked with 2Pac. It’s not just a musical venture but a tribute to a legend whose voice continues to resonate in the hearts of fans and artists alike.

Controversial Remarks and Future Projects

In addition to discussing the 2Pac album and his diss track, Katt Williams touched on other significant topics during his conversation with Suge Knight. Among these was a controversial comment about Jada Pinkett Smith, which Williams made in his typically provocative style. This aside, while potentially contentious, is indicative of Williams’ fearless approach to addressing high-profile figures in the entertainment industry.

Beyond these headline-grabbing comments, Williams hinted at several future projects, reflecting his multifaceted career that spans beyond comedy into music and film production. These projects, while not detailed extensively in the podcast, suggest that Williams is far from slowing down in his creative endeavors. His ventures continue to expand his influence and presence in the entertainment world, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

This segment of the podcast highlights the ever-evolving nature of Williams’ career and his willingness to venture into new territories, be it through music collaborations or potential film productions. It underscores his ongoing engagement with other celebrities and his impact on various aspects of the entertainment industry.


Katt Williams’ appearance on Suge Knight’s “Collect Call” podcast was more than just an ordinary celebrity interview; it was a deep dive into the personal and professional realms of a multifaceted entertainer. From revealing plans for a posthumous 2Pac album to releasing a diss track against Ludacris, Williams showcased his diverse interests and projects.

The podcast episode served as a reflection of the current state of hip-hop culture, where the lines between music, comedy, and personal relationships are increasingly blurred. Williams’ candidness and Knight’s insights provided listeners with a unique perspective on the industry, offering a blend of nostalgia, controversy, and forward-thinking vision.

In essence, this episode was a testament to the enduring legacy of figures like 2Pac and the ongoing evolution of hip-hop culture, as seen through the eyes of one of its most colorful and dynamic participants, Katt Williams.