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Gillie Da Kid Goes Off On Rick Ross

Written by on July 15, 2022

Gillie Da Kid Goes Off On Rick Ross


Gillie Da Kid has been going back and forth with Rick Ross in recent days and has now went on a social media rant. During a recent podcast, Gillie took shots at the rapper and criticized him for his recent antics on social media. Ross has also been busy building a zoo at his Georgia mansion, and Gillie Da Kid rips him to shreds on his podcast. Rick Ross recently said that he plans to add lions and a “big boy” cow to his zoo.

In response to Gillie Da Kid’s recent rant, Rick replied to the rapper by saying that he spends more money on cows than Gillie does on his wife. He even showed off a sculpture of a cow he recently bought. Rick Ross has also been making headlines lately for his controversial comments about celebrities in the media. During the interview, Gillie Da Kid mocked the rap star for his “dumb shit” on social media.

The rapper also went on to mock the rapper’s infamous Belaire deal and revealed that he doesn’t drink that champagne anymore. He also claimed that “no one drinks champagne anymore” and gave props to Rick’s massive Atlanta mansion. This rant struck a nerve with Gillie. He also claimed that “Rick Ross lives in a fear of getting robbed” despite his huge affluence.

In the latest episode of his popular podcast Million Dollaz Worth Of Game, Gillie da Kid fired back at Rick Ross. The rapper’s comments about Gillie da Kid are controversial, and the two artists are clearly at odds with each other. The rapper, however, is defending himself. The rant was a response to Rick Ross calling Gillie a “fraud.” The rap star also questioned Ross’ credibility and stint as former correctional officer.