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Dave Chappelle Hosts SNL ; Addresses Ye and Kyrie Irving

Written by on November 14, 2022

Dave Chappelle Hosts SNL Addresses Ye and Kyrie Irving

Dave Chappelle Hosts SNL Addresses Ye and Kyrie Irving

Dave Chappelle’s SNL segment on Saturday’s episode was a bit of a comedy-filled screed. In a 14-minute opening monologue, Chappelle addressed the Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving, Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker, and former President Donald Trump. Though the comedy was tamer than usual, the audience reacted to the topic with hearty laughter and applause. The bulk of Chappelle’s monologue centered around the NBA’s suspension of Kyrie Irving for remarks that he made about anti-Semitism.

Chappelle also addressed the controversy surrounding Kyrie Irving and Ye. The episode aired on Saturday Night Live, and Chappelle’s performance garnered attention across the internet. The episode sparked heated debate about whether Chappelle was endorsing anti-Semitism or lampooning it. However, Chappelle’s last joke, a reference to the unspoken “they” controlling Hollywood, hit home.

Ye’s anti-Semitic comments prompted Chappelle’s monologue. The rap star’s comments resulted in the locking of his Twitter account and Adidas’ disbanding of their association with the Yeezy brand.

The comedian also addressed the controversial situation involving Kyrie Irving and Ye in his Saturday Night Live monologue. The controversy stems from Chappelle’s controversial statements in an earlier episode. The “SNL” host went into detail about the situation in the episode, and he did not hold back in his remarks.

Chappelle also addressed the issue of Black culture and history in a sketch. He also brought out the musical talent of Black Star and Talib Kweli, known collectively as Black Star, as musical guests. The two rappers recently released their  Madlib produced album No Fear of Time.

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