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Chrisean Rock Gets Tooth Implant With BlueFace’s Picture On It

Written by on July 10, 2022

Chrisean Rock Gets Tooth Implant With BlueFace’s Picture On It

Chirsean Rock Gets Tooth Implant With BlueFaces Picture On It

Chrisean Rock gets a tooth implant with a picture of Blueface on it! Chrisean had the original tooth out of her mouth because she felt rapper Blueface didn’t like the way she looked. Now, she wants to have the same tooth implanted with Blueface’s face on it. While there is a bit of controversy surrounding this new dental procedure, Blueface claims that she “been one” since she got the tooth.

Chrisean Rock’s dental work has gotten a lot of attention lately, thanks to a new photo of Blueface on his new tooth implant. This new picture of the rapper was shared on Instagram, and over 40,000 followers commented about it. Apparently, Chrisean Rock wants to get back into Blueface’s good graces. And what a great way to do it!

While Chrisean Rock has been very open about his relationship with Blueface, the situation between the two has become murky. After Chrisean Rock got the tooth implant, the rapper blocked Chrisean Rock. However, this has not prevented Chrisean Rock from posting the same picture on her Instagram. Moreover, Chrisean Rock has shared another picture of BlueFace with fans.

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