Watch Cassidy VS Goodz Rap Battle (Full Version)

Cassidy and Goodz battled at the URL event Resolution back in April. The event was available view exclusively on until now. Watch the full battle here, courtesy of URL’s YouTube channel Ultimate Rap League. Who did work? Be sure to leave your comments below!

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Loaded Lux VS Aye Verb Streaming on #NOME9

Ultimate Rap League presents NOME 9 with the headliner battle between Loaded Lux and Aye Verb goes down tonight live from Houston, TX! With a full list of battles sure to make history, this is an event that must be seen!! Hit the videos above to view face off conversations between some of the rappers set to battle, including Lux and Verb with a 2 part face off video. #PRESSPLAY

To view this event live and on demand, hit the link below!