Video: Killer Mike Breakfast Club Interview

Hip Hop artist/activist Killer Mike has started off the year of 2019 WINNING! With the release of his social experiment docu-series “Trigger Warning” on Netflix, he has sparked dialogue among the culture and gained critical acclaim. With ideas like helping the Crips and Bloods create a product to got into legitimate business, his show is forward thinking visual with a shock value after taste. He stopped by the Breakfast Club and spoke with the crew about his views and more . This already viral interview is a much watch! #PRESSPLAY

Video: Sparkle Talks Scenes Left Out of “Surviving R. Kelly”, The Infamous Tape + More

With the fallout from the “Surviving R. Kelly” docu-series , many opinions and follow up interviews are beginning to surface. Sparkle, who recorded and released music with R.Kelly in the 1990’s and appeared in the docuseries, recently sat down with The Breakfast Club and did an interview. She speaks on things that did not make the final cut of “Surviving R. Kelly”. Sparkle is the aunt of the alleged 14 year old victim from the infamous sex tape that was the center of the R. Kelly trial. She shares her account what the family went through during that time and much more. #PRESSPLAY

Video: Troy Ave Breakfast Club Interview

Rapper Tray Ave has had his share of controversy in the last 2 years. With his public beef with former Tax Season Podcast host Taxstone spilling over from Twitter to the streets, Troy Ave found himself in a situation that left him with a murdered friend, gunshot wounds, and an open case in New York. After his release from jail in connection to those events, he has been relentless in releasing music and staying focused on his career. Troy has a message that he wants to bring to the forefront:


Taking the time to sit down with DJ Envy and Angela Yee of  The Breakfast Club ( Charlamange The God is notably missing from this interview. He has not taken part in any interviews the crew has had with Troy Ave following the shooting incident and the incarceration of Taxstone. Charlamange  has ties to Taxstone and remains loyal to him.), Troy speaks on growth, why he says the streets are a myth, his music still doing well despite being banned from several media outlets and venues, and gives a great display of being a competent father by tending to his son during the interview. #PRESSPLAY