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Star Trek Actress Nichelle Nichols Passes Away

Written by on July 31, 2022

Star Trek Actress Nichelle Nichols Passes Away

Star Trek Actress Nichelle Nichols Passes Away

A beloved Star Trek star, Nichelle Nichols has passed away at the age of 89. Nichols made her debut on the popular science fiction series in 1966. She was one of the first women to appear in a television show, and her multiracial character made an impact on society. Nichols once said that Martin Luther King, Jr., was a fan of the show, and they even met in 1967 at a civil rights rally.

Nichols was best known for her role as Lt. Uhura on the popular show. She also sang with Duke Ellington’s orchestra and lived in Silver City, New Mexico, with her son. Her role as Uhura earned her a lifelong place of honor with Trekkers. She broke many stereotypes with her character, making her the first female communications officer on the show. She also played an interracial character with William Shatner.

Known as a trailblazer and an advocate for diversity, Nichols was a major player in the “Star Trek” franchise. She fought for equal representation and often took the lead when facing Shatner. Her support from Gene Roddenberry was important as she was also a close friend. She met Roddenberry in a guest appearance on “The Lieutenant” before she got the role on “Star Trek.”

In addition to her role in the series, Nichols also played the part of Lieutenant Uhura, the Enterprise’s chief communications officer. She played the role for three seasons, and the pair shared an on-screen kiss in the episode “Plato’s Stepchildren”. The role has been revived in various film projects since the original series. In addition to the TV series, Nichols also appeared in several feature films.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Nichelle Griffiths studied ballet at the Chicago Ballet Academy. She also toured with the Duke Ellington Orchestra, and appeared in Are We There Yet? alongside Ice Cube. Nichols had several recurring roles on television shows, including Heroes. Despite her many film roles, she remains active in the world of TV and had a guest role on “The Lieutenant.”

The actor’s death comes a year after she was declared legally blind. Kyle Johnson, who had lived in the actress’ Woodland Hills, California home for nearly 10 years, filed for conservatorship for Nichols in 2021. She had previously moved to New Mexico with her husband, but the conservatorship was overturned. In a statement released by her family, her son Kyle Johnson said she was “disappeared.”

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