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Video: Nipsey Hussle’s Journey To Open The Marathon Store

Video: Nipsey Hussle’s Journey To Open The Marathon Store

Nipsy Hussle is a hip hop artist who has been making noise with his music and movements for years. One of his most notable moves was releasing his mixtape, “Crenshaw” during a pop up shop and selling copies for $100.00. His highest paying customer was rap icon and mogul Jay-Z, who purchased 100 copies at $10,000.00. Nipsey is an artist who continues to be a staple in his home neighborhood in Los Angeles, Ca. One of the keys to his movement was opening up a store in the middle of his hood called Crenshaw Tees. Due to circumstances (ending with his brother being incarcerated for 11 months), the store was shut down.

Not one to quit, Nipsey and his brother are opening a new store called “The Marathon”. The store will be located in the same shopping center as before in a more prominent spot, still in his neighborhood on Crenshaw Blvd. and Slauson Ave. The store serves as the headquarters of Nipsey’s clothing line, “The Marathon Clothing”. Dubbed “TMC” for short, it is the brand that carries the poplular “Crenshaw” sweatshirts, t shirts, hats, and beanies. The store opens for business on June 17th, 20017.

View the video to get the story of what it took to get “The Marathon Clothing” to this point.

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