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Video: Cam’ron – “Lean”

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Harlem, New York’s own Cam’ron is back at it again with his latest mixtape release, “The Program”. Though its been a few years since his last release, Cam is very active on social media and has made a few appearances on “Love & Hip Hop” with his significant other Ju Ju. Cam has released a few videos at his leisure and has hinted that he will be retiring from music after his next album drops, but we all know Cam can’t stay away too long.
The Diplomats boss offers us his first visual in promotion of “The Program” release. The track, “Lean”, features a replaying of the well-known song “Lean On Me” and features the voices of the youth singing in between introspective verses delivered only in the way that Cam’ron could do it.

Check out the full mixtape below, courtesy of Spotify.

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Video: Lil Kim Hot 97 Interview, “Took Us A Break” Video

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Last week Grammy Award winning hip hop artist Lil Kim dropped a new single (“Took Us A Break”) to announce her return to the game. She stopped by NYC’s HOT 97 radio “Ebro In the Morning” to promotes the record and speak with the crew. Kim discusses several topics including collaborating with Remy Ma, her relationship with the late Biggie Smalls, reminiscing about recently passed away emcee Prodigy, Beyonc√©’s recent photo tribute to her, and much more.

Here are the visuals to her new single “Took Us A Break”.

Does Kim got one with this track? Drop your comments and be sure to share!

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Video: Redman Speaks On Eminem’s BET Cypher Performance

Posted by on Oct 22, 2017 in Interviews, Video | 0 comments

If you’ve been living under a rock for nearly the last month or just haven’t been following the rap game, then you probably didn’t know that multi-platinum selling rapper Eminem made an appearance during the anticipated 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher. During his performance, Eminem took¬† the opportunity to aim his bars directly at current US President Donald Trump. The reaction to his bars has been in the media for weeks, but the reactions to it have been met with mixed reviews. Did he genuinely stand up for injustice? Did he use this opportunity as a way to draw attention to himself for the release of his upcoming album? These are only a couple of the questions that have been asked.

Redman, a well-respected emcee and past collaborator with Eminem, recently chimed in with his thoughts on the matter during an interview with BET. According to him, he recently spoke with Em by phone and says that their conversation was great. He states that Eminem used his opportunity on that platform to speak out on injustice and emphasizes that many people would not do that, himself included. He goes on to commend Eminem and tells those that criticize the performance “Fuck All That Bullshit!”.

View the video and feel free to comment below.

Video courtesy of BetNetworks YouTube channel.

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Audio: Wu-Tang Clan – “The Saga Continues” Album Stream

Posted by on Oct 16, 2017 in Audio, Music | 0 comments

Stream and listen to the new Wu-Tang Clan album “The Saga Continues” courtesy of Spotify!

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