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Audio: The Diplomats – “Once Upon A Time”

Audio: The Diplomats – “Once Upon A Time”

During the early 2000’s, Harlem,NY hip hop collective The Diplomats were a movement to be reckoned with and influenced the culture on a worldwide level. The span of the influence included their take on fashion (mainly credited to lead rapper Cam’ron’s early habit of wearing pink), their rhyming, attitude, mixtape hustle, and their sound. Backed up by soulful samples that were often sped up over drums, many of the group’s tracks were banged out by the production team The Heatmakerz. Dipset, as they have become known as, composed of four core members (Cam’ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, and Freekey Zeeky)but also included rappers Hell Rell, Un Kasa, 40 Cal, J.R. Writer, and Duke Da God. As it grew, it gave energy to the careers of others like Stack Bundles(RIP), Max B, NOE, Vado, and more.

At the peak of the Dipset reign, there was a falling out between members (mainly Cam And Jim, which has been aired out publicly on many occasions) and the steam for the movement slowed down as the members began to work individually. Though there was success on some occasions and there was talk about a Dipset reunion years ago, it never formulated. Well it seems that has changed…..

After yet another public dispute earlier this year between Cam and Jim (which has always been dismissed as brotherly disagreements and never true beef) and the release of Cam;s latest project “The Program”, The Diplomats drop a single called “Once Upon A Time” which features verses from both Cam and Jim. And to round it out, the production is done by none other than The Heatmakerz! A taste of a Diplomats reunion……will we get it this time? Time will tell. But in the meanwhile, stream “Once Upon A Time” via Spotify. #PRESSPLAY

What’s the verdict? Is Dipset back? Drop your comments in the box below and let it be known!!

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