Video: Redman – “N***a Like Me”

Riding high….definite way to describe Redman! The veteran emcee and Def Squad representative is riding high from the accolades that have come rolling in from his BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher appearance in which he ripped some bars with his Def Squad partners in rhyme, Erick Sermon and Keith Murray. With the force of that momentum, he dropped his latest album “Mud Face”. Said to be a precursor to the long awaited “Muddy Waters 2” album, “Mud Face” shows us Red in raw form spitting witty but letahl bars. Redman is set to show the world (and remind those of us who already know) why he is one of the most notable lyricists in hip hop.

In his first visual offering for the project, he brings “Nigga Like Me”. A free for all bar fest with a feel good vibe to it, the video shows Red indulging in two of his favorite activities; being a connoisseur of the finest “herbs” and rocking the stage as a well equipped emcee! To no surprise, he is joined by his Wu Tang brethren and rhyme partner Method Man!


Purchase Redman “Mud Face” on Amazon.

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Video: Freddie Gibbs – “F*ckin Up The Count”

Gary, Indiana bred rapper Freddie Gibbs has built a strong following and fanbase over the years and recieved much critical acclaim for his album project “Pinata” with legendary producer Madlib. With all the energy generated from that, he recently dropped a new album titled “Shadow of A Doubt”. The album is a nod back to the dark, bass heavy sound which marries up in sync with Gangsta Gibbs cold, straight forward delivery. It’s definitely that ESGN gangsta music that is signature Freddie Gibbs style.

In the first visual from the project, Gibbs brings “Fuckin Up the Count”. It features a storyline that is street orietned and just as dark as the song it visualizes. ESGN for sure!


Purchase Freddie Gibbs “Shadow of A Doubt” on Amazon.

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Video: T.I. – “Broadcast Live”

Fresh off of dropping his five song EP, “Da Nic”, T.I. checks in with a visual for the track “Broadcast Live”. Keeping in good spirit and humor,Tip enlists fellow Atlanta native and comedian DC Young Fly as they make their way through ATL’s westside. #PRESSPLAY

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Video: Rick Ross – “Geechi Liberace”

Maybach Music Group boss Rick Ross drops the new visual to “Geechi Liberace”, a track from his latest mixtape release, “Black Dollar”. The video features a few shots of certain symbols that have been controversially linked to Ross over the past few years. On the track itself, Ross spits in his signature flow and cadence and adds a few choice bars about a certain O.G. with the same name.

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Video: Julie Beverly “Sweet Jones: Pimp C’s Trill Life Story” Interview

“Sweet Jones: Pimp C’s Trill Life Story” is a biography of the late southern hip hop legend and UGK group member Pimp C. Highly praised, quoted, and remembered to this day, Pimp C is undeniably one of hip hop’s most revered and loved personalities. Taken away from the world by his still mysterious sudden death in 2007 and with a still growing fan base after his passing, the story behind the man needs to be heard.

Julia Beverly, founder/editor/publisher of southern based hip hop magazine Ozone, took the time to compile input from many sources, including Pimp C’s mother (who was his and UGK’s manager), to author and publish the biography. In the above video, she sits down with B High of Atlanta radio station 107.9 FM to discuss Pimp’s life and the process of bringing the book together.

“A pioneer in the South’s quest for respect in the Hip Hop world and one of the most colorful characters to emerge from the music scene which ultimately topped rap charts at the turn of the century, Chad “Pimp C” Butler’s controversial life – and suspicious death in 2007 – left behind many unanswered questions, a family divided, and scores of talented new artists inspired by his group UGK’s music. Sweet Jones pays tribute to the extremely talented – yet bipolar and complex – musician who embodied the Southern dream. Written by the founder and Editor-in-Chief of esteemed Southern rap publication OZONE Magazine and compiled from interviews with Pimp C himself, his mother and manager Weslyn “Mama Wes” Monroe, UGK rap partner Bun B, and hundreds of friends, family members, and collaborators like Snoop Dogg, Scarface, Too $hort, 8Ball & MJG, Jazze Pha, David Banner, Mannie Fresh, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Trae, and Willie D of the Geto Boys, Sweet Jones is a must-read for any Southern rap fan.”

“Sweet Jones: Pimp C’s Trill Life Story” now available on digital outlets and in print copy.

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Download: Rick Ross – ” Black Dollar”




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Download: “On The Set : Crips & Bloods” Mixtape

In the same vein of coming together that resulted in the recording project “Bangin On Wax” ( a 1993 compilation album featuring rappers who were real life members of Los Angeles, CA Blood and Crip gangs. It formulated from a citywide gang truce following the 1992 L.A. Uprisings from the original Rodney King verdict.), mixtape DJ and Alumni Music Group A&R Adrian Swisha brings together an updated version for 2015 titled “On The Set: Crips & Bloods”. In comparison of the times of release for “Bangin’ On Wax” and “On The Set….” , both come at a time when unity between gangs would be a plus for the communities they dwell in. #PRESSPLAY

“Adrian Swish of Tha Alumni Music Group has been on the Hip-Hop scene for awhile doing PR, hosting mixtapes and most recently managing the career of rising Compton artist, AD. What hasn’t been seen is the time he has spent in the hoods of Los Angeles, talking to the people living a lifestyle, most only see on TV screens involving 2 sets, the Crips and the Bloods. What he found was, that there was something going on that the mainstream media wasn’t reporting. While most of what you hear and see is the violence between the two gangs, there is also a new rising of unity between the two entities, as they have found that they can respect and love each other, no matter what side they represent through. “On The Set: Crips & Bloods” is the mirror of this new reality. The project starts off with a nod to the 1993 classic, “Bangin On Wax” with a track from an original member of the Bloods & Crips group, Big Wy. Fresh off the remix of YG’s, “Bickin’ Back Bein’ Bool”, the OG Blood releases an aggressive record, “Day Onez”. Joined by Compton’s Blue Pit, AD, the track keeps in line with the lineage of gangsta rap coming out of the Los Angeles for decades, while still using some of the popular bounce of today. Other features include AD, Bricc Baby, RJ, Dave East, Icewear Vezzo, DUBB, Slim 400, King Trell, Glasses Malone, Savuge, Jay Worthy, Earl Swavey, HopOut, Smoove, Hitta J3, G Perico and more. Most of Production is provided by emerging producer Larry Jayy, other producers include Imfamous Beats, David Wesson, Boomer, Mr Freeze, and Beat Lee.”
– via

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Video: Hood Affairs Presents Stack Bundles DVD

Stack Bundles was a hip hop star in the making prior to his still unsolved murder in 2007. Hailing from Queens, New York, Stack was the front man for the movement Riot Squad and a member of Diplomats rapper Jim Jones’ hip hop outfit Byrd Gang (which also included now incarcerated rapper Max B, among others). Riot Squad is also the hometeam crew for recently murdered rapper Chinx Drugz.

As time has shown, Stack Bundles work ethic in the studio has allowed his legacy to live through his music almost ten years after his death. Hood Affairs, a consistent DVD and video content provider, has surfaced with behind the scenes footage of Stack during his rise. Eerily, the footage was shot by Dre Most, a Hood affairs collaborator who passed away as well. For those who are already familiar with Stack Budles, this will be a reminder of his ability and how he was on the verge of breaking through. To those who don’t know, #PRESSPLAY and take notes on a chapter in hip hop history. #RIPSTACKBUNDLES

– video courtesy of Hood Affairs DVD.

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Video: Sean Price Music Video Tribute

The passing of critically acclaimed and greatly loved rapper Sean Price aka Ruck came unexpectedly and shocked the hip hop community. With a catalog that reaches back to the mid 90’s, Sean Price has had a share of visual work to compliment his music. With many younger hip hop heads only starting to scratch the suface of P’s work load, DJ Irie has put together a music video mix in tribute to the Brooklyn, New York rhyme slinger. In just under 30 minutes, Irie mixes up a large amount of videos featuring the rapper spitting some of his trademark hardcore bars. Definitely an awesome tribute that definitely spark nostalgia with old fans while opening the eyes and ears of new ones! #RIPSEANPRICE #RIPRUCK #PRESSPLAY

To make contributions to Sean Price’s family fund, go here

For more from DJ Irie, visit his Youtube channel, Deeyay Irie

Sean Price’s new album “Songs In The Key of Price” available now.

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Video: Kendrick Lamar Interviews The Original N.W.A.

Prior to the release of the box office topping movie “Straight Outta Compton”, chart topping hip hop artist Kendrick Lamar (a Compton, California native) had the opportunity to interview his hometown heroes, N.W.A. All of the original memebers (minus Eazy-E, rest in peace) sat down to discuss their experience of coming together over 20 years ago to record the album “Straight Outta Compton”. Ice Cube, MC Ren, Dr. Dre, and DJ Yella also speak on Eazy-E and his influence on the album and the group. As they set out to begin their reunion tour across the globe, this interview shows that the chemistry and comraderie of the group is very much alive. #PRESSPLAY

-video courtesy of Billboard Magazine

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